SANTERIA (サンテリア)とは


*  奴隷制の時代に、現在のナイジェリアやベニン共和国からキューバに連れてこられた人々




*  ただし、カトリック教会との「習合」を余儀なくされた。例えば、偶像の禁止、




*  たくさんのオリチャ(精霊)のパワーを信奉する。



*  祈りや歌は、ヨルバ語とスペイン語の混交したクレオール。



*  サンテリアという呼称は『サント(オリチャ)』を信奉する信仰という意味で、



 What is Santeria ? 

* In the era of slavery, the people brought to Cuba from the present Nigeria and the Republic of Benin

  (In particular, the Yoruba tribe) has inherited an African faith.



* However, it was forced to "syncretize" with the doctrine of the Catholic church. For example, prohibition of idols,  Orisha's festival day,  etc.



* Believe in the power of plenty of Orishas (guardian angels).



* Religious prayers and songs are uttered in Creole, that is Yoruba language mixed with Spanish, and other African languages.



* The name "Santeria" means a religious cult which believes in "Santo (Orisha)" in Cuba.

     Because it is a derogatory name given  by the white people, the black believers  prefer the names like "Regla de Osha" (Orisha's Law) , 

" Lucumi (Yoruba Lucumi tribe),  or just " Yoruba ".