* Orunmila (オルンミラ)や Orula (オルーラ)とも呼ばれる。あるいはそのご宣託のこと。


* キューバの黒人信仰のサンテリア司祭ババラウォは、秘儀である占いを通してイファのご宣託を信者に伝える。




*入門の儀式 ( Mano de Orula ) から厄払いなど様々な占いがあります。


Who is Orula ? 

     * Orula is the only Orisha who is allowed to know the destiny of this world and mankind from Olodumare, the God of omniscience.


* He is Also called Orunmila or IFA. 


Babalawo of Afro-Cuban religion Santeria  tells believers through the mysterious divination of IFA.


* IFA forms the foundation of Santeria, the IFA divination is only done by Babarawo. It  is registered in UNESCO's Intangible Cultural Heritage.


* There are various ceremonies such as the initiation ritual (Mano de Orula), exorcism (Ebo) etc.



*「イファ占い」の中でも庶民の日常生活にかかせないのが『近未来予言占い / Consulta 』。



( 精霊 )や先祖霊のパワーに助けてもらいます。











IFA divination is "Near Future Prediction"


* Among the "IFA divinations", there is a "near future prospect divination / Osorde + Consulta" that is suitable for ordinary people's daily lives.


* Unlike other fortunetellings, it is prophecy of the near future, how to deal with invisible Orishas and the power of the ancestor spirit that a better life can be sent. 


Validity period of the IFA divination is in the very near future (2, 3 weeks to 1 month).


Let's assume that fortune is a good wave and a bad wave.


For example, even if there is a result that a bad wave will come in the very near future, a good wave will come soon unknown. In order to get on such a good wave, we recommend to have a periodical meeting to Babalawo and get advice.