*  人間界の未来を知る「精霊オルーラ(Orula / Orunmila/ Ifa)」に




*  サンテリアにおいて最高位の司祭であり、信者や一般人の相談を受ける。



*  依頼者はババラウォにとって、ただのお客さんではありません。




* 「代理父(パドリーノ)」として、入門者=「代理の子(アイアド/アイアダ)」




*  マルチタレントと膨大な知識を要求される。



*  たとえば、歌とレソ(祈り)、占いとアドバイス、お祓いとおきよめ、




*  複数のババラウォの同席を得て、個人の守護神(オリチャ)が誰であるかを




*  サンテロ(司祭)との違い:ババラウォはイファ占いをやるのに対して、



 * He knows the future of the human world asking  "Orula / Orunmila / Ifa". 

   He is qualified to ask for events that should come in the near future.



* He is the highest priest in Santeria and receives consultation from believers and general people.



* The client is not just a customer for BABALAWO

     Babalawo's "Baba" means "father".



* BABALAWO is "a substitute father (Padrino)" for an introductory person  (Ahijada/o).

     Thinking carefully,  BABALAWO will give serious and sincere Concejo (advice).



* Multi-talent and huge knowledge is required.



* For example, singing and prayer, divination and advice, exorcism and cleansing, sending offerings to orisha, making medicinal herbs, BABALAWO will take various rituals.



* BABALAWO will find out who is the guardian angel of the individual through divination.



* Difference from SANTERA/O (priest): While  BABALAWO does IFA divination,

SANTERA/O performs DILOGUN divination.